DuraCoat University Series Post 1 - Becoming a Certified Finisher

DuraCoat University Series Post 1 - Becoming a Certified Finisher

Jul 21st 2023

Greetings DuraCoat® Fans!

This week will be the start of a series of posts dedicated to  DuraCoat® University™, the Certified Finisher training offered by Lauer Custom Weaponry™. In this post we will discuss the training class itself and why you should consider attending. In follow-up posts we will have interviews with several Certified Finishers who have attended DuraCoat® University. We will discuss why they decided to attend, what they gained from the class, and how it helped grow their business.

DuraCoat® University

So you might be thinking, why would someone attend DuraCoat® University? What would I get out of it? Is it worth the trip? The ever-growing  list of attendees is a testament to the value and benefit of attending. DuraCoat® University is a training course dedicated to teaching individuals how to refinish and restore firearms using the DuraCoat® line of finishing products. The class provides a wealth of knowledge and information to leave you feeling confident that you can go back and make money with DuraCoat®. You have the control to make your future successful.  If you are an individual, you can easily start offering DuraCoat® services as a side business which may grow into a full time gig if you have the desire. If you already have a firearm related business such as a gun shop or pawn shop, DuraCoat® services can be a very lucrative addition. Firearm manufacturers large and small can benefit from training their employees to apply DuraCoat® orDuraBlue™ Spray-on Bluing correctly and efficiently.

What you get out of DuraCoat® University is the knowledge you need to control your future. Individuals and families all across the country and even internationally have achieved success in part due to the training and skills they learned by attending a class. The demand for firearm refinishing services is ever-growing as more and more people realize that they have this option. Customization and personalization of firearms is becoming the norm. Just take a look at any firearm manufacturer’s line up and see the variety of colors and camos that are offered.  With DuraCoat®, you too can offer this to your customers. And don’t forget the never ending need for gun restoration. Old, used, and abused firearms are in endless supply and the demand for a person with the skills to restore that gun to its former glory is high.

Humble Beginnings

DuraCoat® University started early on in DuraCoat® history. Somewhere around 2003, it was decided that a training course dedicated to teaching DuraCoat® users how to make money with DuraCoat® would be offered. The class began simply and offered finishers hands-on training applying DuraCoat® and camo patterns. Attendees brought their own weapons to practice on and received personalized instruction on how to coat that particular gun. After several years, the class became less free-form and started taking on a set curriculum. In order to cover the most topics possible, 1911 handgun frames and slides were provided for attendees to use. A single set was used multiple times by each attendee throughout the entire day. This allowed for quicker changeover between topics and didn’t take away time from learning. This is how it is still done today.

DuraCoat® Class


Today, DuraCoat® University covers a vast array of topics. As our line of firearm restoration, protection, and customization products grew, so did the amount of information provided during the class. No longer do you just learn how to DuraCoat®, now you learn everything you need to offer firearm refinishing services. 

Topics covered include:

  • Preparation methods for metal, wood, and synthetics including degreasing and sandblasting
  • Spray technique for DuraCoat® colors and clears
  • How to avoid and repair spray problems including blushing, dry mist, etc.
  • Camouflage methods including the “5-Minute Camo Technique”
  • Proper use of Peel ‘N Spray™ templates
  • Application of DuraBlue™ Spray-On Bluing
  • Use of specialty coatings such as DuraFil™ Surface Filler and Parkerizing
  • Use of coating additives
  • And most importantly – How to Make Money using DuraCoat®!

  DuraCoat® Class Curriculum

Degree in Flage-ology™

Graduates of DuraCoat® University receive a bachelor’s degree in Flage-ology™. Flage-ology™ is the study of camouflage as it applies to DuraCoat®. A Masters degree is awarded to attendees of a second course and a PhD for three or more classes. There is only one DuraCoat® University course but each time you attend it will be personalized to your advanced level. UPDATE: There is only one level of Certification as we have moved to an online course.

In addition to a degree, attendees also receive a listing in the  Certified Finisher section of the DuraCoat® website. Potential customers are directed to this listing for refinishing services. Additional product discounts are also offered to make your business more profitable.

  DuraCoat® Spray Gun

Gun Shops to Gun Owners

DuraCoat® University was designed for anyone who has a desire to learn more about DuraCoat® application; whether that be to open up a gun finishing business, add services to your existing gun shop, finish newly manufactured firearms, or even just as a hobby.  This class truly caters to all. Everyone who uses DuraCoat® will benefit from attending DuraCoat® University. You will learn so much about the application process and how to be successful doing it. You will receive hands-on training and instruction from the inventor of DuraCoat® himself, Steve Lauer. There will also be additional instructors so everyone can get the help they need.

DuraCoat® University is held at our facility in Chippewa Falls, WI. Classes are one full day and held seven times a year, always on a Saturday. Class size is limited to 20 students so sign up early!


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