DuraCoat® - Designed with the Woman in Mind

DuraCoat® - Designed with the Woman in Mind

Aug 8th 2023

DuraCoat® Firearm Finishes are manufactured by Lauer Custom Weaponry which is a family owned and operated business. That means that, well, half of us are females. So, of course we designed some of our gun finishes and camo patterns with women and girls in mind. Over the years, we have developed such an extensive array of options that every woman can find something that suits their tastes.

Did you know that DuraCoat® pioneered the “colored gun” craze? Colored guns were few and far between before DuraCoat® hit the scene. But now everyone sells guns in different colors such as pink, purple, teal, blue, green, yellow, you name it. You can thank us for that. Yeah most gun manufacturers offer guns in fun colors but what if the gun you want doesn’t come in a fun color? Or maybe you’d like to change the color of your gun occasionally. How about matching your gun, mags, headgear, and shooting glasses? Or maybe you want something even better such as a fantastic new camo pattern that shows off your individual style. You can do that with DuraCoat®.

Many of our products were designed with the female in mind but guys, don’t feel weird if you think some of these are pretty awesome and secretly, or not so secretly, want it on your gun.

Let’s start with colors. DuraCoat® colors are divided up into different categories or “collections.” These collections include Standard, Tactical, Metal, Electric, ZombieCoat, Bloomberg, Girl’s Guide to Guns, and DuraLaser Fluorescent. Most of these collections have some colors more desirable for women. If you don’t want to sort through each collection to find the color you want, we recommend using our search feature which narrows down your search by color family. We have 12 pinks, 6 purples, and 19 blues. We also offer a variety of oranges, yellows, greens, silvers, and so much more. With over 500 colors to choose from you will find something that strikes your fancy.

If you want something a little fancier than just a pretty color then we recommend you check out the Girl’s Guide to Guns collection. We at DuraCoat® teamed up with Natalie Foster of Girl’s Guide to Guns to create a line of gun finishing products designed just for women. This line includes nine colors, each with an option for SPARKLE! With names like Audrey’s Arsenal, Gunning For You, and Kiss My AK, how can you go wrong? This line also includes Gun Tattoos and a pattern known as Shooting Star. UPDATE: THESE COLORS ARE NOW FOUND WITHIN THEIR RESPECTIVE STANDARD COLOR FAMILIES.

Natalie Foster with her AR-15 in Audrey's Arsenal

(Natalie Foster with her AR-15 in Audrey's Arsenal)

The  Girl’s Guide Gun Tattoos are perfect for adding a little touch or personalization. You can use them along with a complete DuraCoat® job or alone just for a little something special. Options include a heart, stars, flower, bow, and more. The tattoos come as a single adhesive backed stencil that allows you to apply it anywhere. Try it on your mags, buttstock, headgear, or gun case!

Check out Natalie's show on the NRA Women's Network, "Love at First Shot." She came up to visit our shop in  this episode!

If you want a little sparkle and shine on any DuraCoat® color you can topcoat it with  DuraPearl™. This coating can be applied over any color and comes in five different options. Another fantastic option is ChameleonCoat™. This coating creates a color-changing, high-gloss finish much like what is available for cars. We offer it in two color choices. 

Golden Leopard DuraCoat® Camo Pattern

(Golden Leopard DuraCoat® Camo Pattern)

Want to go all the way and camo up that shooter? Our AmStripe pattern, designed by Amy Lauer-Potaczek, daughter of DuraCoat® inventor Steve Lauer, is packaged in four color schemes. Two of these are geared towards women.  Lady AmStripe comes with Matte Black, White, and a choice of Pink Lady or Bronx Rose. Goddess AmStripecomes with Teal, Goddess Ivory, and Gold plus the extra bonus of the color scheme being hand chosen by NRA Past President Sandy Froman! How’s that for girl power! The latest addition to the pattern line-up is Lady in Lace. This pattern comes with an actual lace template to recreate the look of lace on your firearm. Want to walk on the wild side? Try Bengal or Golden Leopard for a classy looking firearm that will stand out at the range. If none of these are quite what you’re looking for, remember, all DuraCoat® patterns can be done in any color combination you choose. You don’t have to stick with the kits, feel free to customize all you want!