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Check Out Our Parkerizing Solutions, Kits, & Equipment

At DuraCoat, we strive to offer a whole range of high quality gun finishes and gun restoration products. This includes offering an entire line of Parkerizing solutions, kits, equipment, and supplies.

Parkerizing is the process of protecting ferrous metals from corrosion and wear by applying a chemical phosphate coating.

Parkerizing is an excellent gun coating in its own right and it also makes a perfect base for our DuraCoat® Firearm Finish!  If you're looking to protect your firearm from wear and tear over time, check out our parkerizing options below.  We're your one-stop shop for gun finishes, and your can count on DuraCoat to provide you with products you need.

  • Black Dip Pre-Treatment Solution

    Black Dip Pre-Treatment Solution

    Description Now with deeper, smoother finish! This pre-treatment solution for Manganese or Zinc Parkerizing creates a deep black finish. No heating required, just immerse parts in Black Dip for 15 seconds and immediately parkerize. Ready to use out of...

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