We Support the NRA - Do you?

We Support the NRA - Do you?

Aug 4th 2023

The National Rifle Association has been the backbone of the firearm community for nearly 150 years. It has become the largest organization dedicated to protecting the rights and freedoms of gun owners and enthusiasts. Gun ranges, youth programs, firearm education, law enforcement training, and so much more is supported by the NRA. Without the NRA, we as Americans would have lost our firearm freedom a long time ago. It is imperative that we as gun owners, gun dealers, and gun manufacturers do what we can to support this organization so that it can continue to fight the good fight.

We at Lauer Custom Weaponry™ and DuraCoat® Firearm Finishes are proud to support the National Rifle Association.

So what exactly do we do? 

  • Member of the NRA Business Alliance
  • Our gun shop is an NRA Recruiting Station
  • Monthly advertisements in the American Rifleman
  • Link to the NRA Sign Up page on our website
  • Join the NRA sign-up card is included with every order
  • Proud supporter of our local Friends of NRA chapter (read more about this below)
  • Exhibitor at the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits
  • Rifle donations to national NRA Foundation Banquet and NRA-ILA Dinner and Auction
  • We even have a sign above the entrance to our gun shop that says “NRA Members Only”!

Steve Lauer and Kayne Robinson

Steve Lauer (left), owner and inventor of DuraCoat®, and Kayne Robinson (right), former Executive Director of General Operations for the NRA, outside the Lauer Custom Weaponry Gun Shop

Friends of NRA

We have long supported our local Friends of NRA chapter and have helped make the banquet one of the top fund raising banquets in the country. Each year the banquet includes a Lauer Raffle which is completely donated by us. The raffle is limited to 100 tickets, each ticket selling for $50. The purchaser of the ticket receives not only a chance to win but also an item such as a Lauer Custom Weaponry hat or glass. The raffle prizes always consist of LCW15 rifles built right here at our facility ranging in value up to $1800 each. Some years, we have even upped the stakes by donating rifles such as the Barrett 50 cal. Many great achievements have been made with funds raised by this raffle, including improvements to many local ranges and ammo for groups such as the Boy Scouts.

Our local chapter is not the only one to get our support though. Every Wisconsin chapter of the Friends of NRA is offered a LCW Predator .22 Suppressor to use as a raffle or auction item. A LCW15 rifle is also donated to the annual Wisconsin State Friends of NRA banquet.

Debbie Sandy

Good friends Debbie Lauer (right) and Sandy Froman (left), Past President of the NRA, at our local Friends of NRA banquet

NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits

Every year the NRA holds its Annual Meetings, more commonly referred to as the NRA Convention. Lauer Custom Weaponry has been an exhibitor at this event for over 10 years. We are proud to show our support at the event by donating a LCW15 rifle to both the NRA Foundation Banquet and the NRA-ILA Dinner and Auction.

Lauer Family and Wayne LaPierre

Lauer Family (Steve, Debbie, Amy and Mike) with Wayne LaPierre at the NRA Convention

What Else Is There?

Do you participate in the NRA Round-Up program when you call to order from us? We hope so! We have raised over $20,000 for the NRA with the Round-Up program so far.

Wanna work here? Show us your NRA membership card or forget it.

And of course, Steve Lauer, owner and inventor of DuraCoat®, is a Benefactor Member. He is also a proud member of several other gun rights organizations, such as Gun Owners of America and Second Amendment Foundation.

We at Lauer Custom Weaponry do everything we can to support the gun rights and freedoms our founding fathers worked so hard to gain. Please do the same to keep our country strong and free.