Unicorn Gun using DuraPearl Unicorn by DuraCoat

Unicorn Gun using DuraPearl Unicorn by DuraCoat

Aug 4th 2023

So, yes, Unicorns are a thing. And yes, of course, we built a gun and released a new product to commemorate their limited time being accepted in the gun world. And it was awesome! Because you all want to know exactly how we did it, here we are!


I started with the idea of creating a new DuraPearl Top Coat that solved the need for something that would make any DuraCoat color metallic. So many of you have requested such a thing that I just had to figure it out, so of course, I did. Nothing can stop us once we have an idea. It will become reality. Period. So  DuraPearl Unicorn was born. This top coat can be applied over any DuraCoat color. The DuraPearl will be enhanced by the base color it is applied over thus making that color metallic. It’s really that simple. Choose a base color, apply Unicorn, and BOOM, metallic color.


Now, how do we showcase this product? Well, on a Unicorn gun of course. And being that we are also firearm manufacturers, we can build anything we want. I stuck with a nice and simple build that would allow me to really show the colors and the effect the DuraPearl had on them. I coated it with the rainbow. I choose Manhattan Red, Harley Davidson Orange, Staten Island Orange, Zombie Green, Royal Blue, Lilac Purple, and Hogue Pink for the handguard and stock. I did not apply a white basecoat as some of these colors require because I did not want to build up too much thickness. Also, I didn’t think it necessary because I was not going for a full blown, bright effect with these colors. A little black show through would be okay. I choose Stainless Steel and Gold to coat the rest of the gun. I spent a little time color-filling the Lauer Custom Weaponry logo on the lower receiver just for some extra flair. Color-fill can be done using a small brush, toothpick, or other small device. Lay the DuraCoat into the engraving, wait a minute or two, then wipe clean with a rag damp with mineral spirits.

Once I had all the parts coated, I applied several layers of DuraPearl Unicorn until I reached the desired amount of sparkle. Pictures do not do it justice. Take the amount of sparkle in the photos and double it, at least. This product is ridiculously difficult to photograph so please excuse the strange angles. A topcoat of DuraCoat Gloss Clear was also applied to smooth out any roughness from the metallic flake and to give it depth. That’s it! Easy-peezy and perfect for your next fun project.