T-Rex Puts Her Lipstick On

T-Rex Puts Her Lipstick On

Aug 4th 2023

For those of you following the T-Rex DuraCoat Machine build you are probably wondering where she's been. Well, she's been hibernating but that doesn't mean that we haven't been busy dolling her up while she slept off the winter. You could say we put her lipstick on but in reality it's more like diamonds, rings, bullets, and more bullets. And guns, of course more guns. You didn’t think that 1919 belt-fed would be the only gun right?

We started by giving her a little bling, earrings let’s call them. Spent casings were attached with bolts pretty much anywhere they would fit. We also used expanded bullet bolts to hold on the license plates, which if you notice are Wisconsin hobbyist plates. An excellent choice for a build like this. Revolver wheels were added as pegs to lift the hood. Handy and kick-ass at the same time. Another great touch was replacing the pins on the shackles with giant bullets. And you can’t miss the mini-gun barrels sticking out the front end! These actually spin!

On the inside four 1911s are mounted in the center, one for each passenger. Extra mags are mounted next to each seat. Lockboxes were used as seat bases to hold extra guns and ammo. Shotguns are mounted to the roll bars with extra shells in reach. On the back end, a base has been built to mount the belt-fed 1919 and ammo boxes full of belts were attached beside it. And what kind of rig would be complete without cigar lighters shaped like revolver wheels?


She really has come a long way over the winter and we can’t wait for it to warm up so we can take her for a ride!