DuraCoat vs DuraBake - What's the Difference?

DuraCoat vs DuraBake - What's the Difference?

Jul 21st 2023

Greetings DuraCoat Fans!

All too often we get the question "What's the difference between DuraCoat and DuraBake?" or "Is DuraCoat or DuraBake better?" Well, these are actually very simple questions once you understand the two products a little better.

DuraCoat®, our flagship product, is a two-part urethane coating. DuraCoat Hardener is the catalyst and is mixed with the DuraCoat when you are ready to spray. The two components combine and start to cure at room temperature. This gives you a pot life, or working time, of 6-8 hours. DuraCoat dries to the touch in 20 minutes and can be handled in one hour. Reassembly can be done overnight and light use in a day or so. DuraCoat continues to cure for 3-4 weeks. Holsters and harsh solvents should be avoided during the 3-4 week cure time. DuraCoat can be baked to speed the dry time but baking will not speed the cure time or increase durability. It also has much more variety of colors, is available in a self-lubricating version, and can be used on all types of metal, plastic, and wood.

DuraBake™ is a one-part heat cured enamel coating. The catalyst is already built into the coating and is activated at high temperatures. Baking is required for 30 minutes at 350F. It should not be used on plastics or wood due to the heat required to cure. DuraBake is cured once baked and can be put into heavy use immediately. DuraBake works well in situations where the firearm needs to withstand abuse or heavy holster use and out-of-service time is not an option such as for police or military. 

Durability usually comes up when discussing these two products but it is not a factor that needs to be considered. Both DuraCoat and DuraBake offer excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. Both will provide protection from rust and corrosion. And both are meant to last a lifetime. 

So, which product you choose really depends on preference and your situation. Do you have the option to bake or do you not mind waiting a couple days to use your gun? Is time a crucial factor? Do you want a vibrant or unique color or do you just want a more traditional look? These questions will help you determine which product you should use. Either choice will leave you with an outstanding finish that you can rely on.