DuraCoat Quick Tip - DuraCoating in Winter?

DuraCoat Quick Tip - DuraCoating in Winter?

Jul 21st 2023

As we head into the winter months, we tend to get a lot of questions about how to DuraCoat® in the colder weather.

Can I DuraCoat® in the winter?

Can I DuraCoat® outside in the cold?

At what temps can I apply DuraCoat®?

The answer is yes! You can apply DuraCoat® in temperatures down to 50°F. The ideal temperature range for DuraCoat® application is between 65°F and 75°F, but spraying in colder temps is possible. Make sure to allow your parts to acclimate to the temperature of the spray booth (or garage, or outside) for at least an hour before spraying. This will allow the condensation time to evaporate before spraying. Remember, condensation can be present even if you can’t see it. Keep your DuraCoat®, DuraBlue®, etc. around 65°F-70°F until you are ready to spray. After spraying, bring the parts in to a warm environment to dry.

Another related question we get this time of year is, “Does DuraCoat® freeze?” The answer is no. DuraCoat®, DuraBlue®, Hardener, Reducer, etc. do not freeze. If UPS leaves your DuraCoat® package outside on your porch in -30°F it will not damage it in any way.Products such as our parkerizing solutions may freeze but they will be just fine once they thaw.

On a side note, storing your DuraCoat®, Hardener, and other related items in a fridge or freezer (without food) will actually extend the shelf life!