DuraCoat® Firearm Finishes - Restoration, Protection, Customization - Your One Stop Shop

DuraCoat® Firearm Finishes - Restoration, Protection, Customization - Your One Stop Shop

Aug 4th 2023

DuraCoat®, our flagship product, is well known but did you know that we at Lauer Custom Weaponry manufacture and sell a complete line of finishing products, coatings, and equipment?

We don’t manufacture just one coating; we have a product for every need and situation. We pride ourselves in offering a solution for every demand.

Being the most popular product and the reason for our existence in the firearms industry, DuraCoat® expectedly is available in the most variety. It is currently available in around 300 colors including several specialty color collections. These color collections offer a quick way to easily separate colors by theme rather than just sorting through the massive Standard Color selection. The collections include:

  • Standard Colors
  • Tactical Ultra Flat
  • Electric Colors
  • Metal Collection
  • ZombieCoat™
  • Bloomberg Collection
  • Girl’s Guide to Guns
  • DuraMetl™ Metallic Colors
  • DuraLaser™ Fluorescent Colors

The vast variety of colors available offers something for everyone. Maybe you want a tactical look for your firearm, maybe you want something discrete for hunting, or maybe you want to create something custom that will stand out at the gun range. Whatever the reason, DuraCoat® has a color for you in a product you can rely on.

DuraBlue™DuraBlue™ Spray-On Bluing

Our latest and greatest, the revolutionary spray-on bluing known as DuraBlue™ is the answer to an age old problem. Traditional bluing is problematic, it’s expensive, it doesn’t hold up, and heck, it rusts! Sure, if you leave it hanging on the wall and remember to keep it oiled it will be just like new in 30 years. But who wants to do that? Guns are made to be used and even abused. You shouldn’t have to baby it so that your precious bluing job doesn’t get scratched. And really, who remembers to dry their gun after every time it gets a little wet. Not me, that’s for sure.  With DuraBlue™ you can run it hard and put it away wet and it won’t age a bit.

DuraBlue™ is now available in three colors and two sheens. Make it a showroom beauty with Polished DuraBlue™ or make it a field gun with Matte DuraBlue™. Either way, never worry about rust, scratches, or wear.

Firearm Customization Coatings

We at Lauer Custom Weaponry never stop when it comes to new ways to customize your firearm. We believe that guns should be beautiful, they should be eye-catching, they should be whatever you want them to be. Sure, DuraCoat® offers a ton of colors for your gun but what if you want to take it even further? You want more than just a pretty color. Well, what do you want? I bet we got it.

You want  sparkly? We got it.

You want custom  camo? We got it.

You want more  grip on your stock? We got it.

You want a gun that  glows-in-the-dark? We got it.

See what I mean? If you can come up with something we don’t have, we’ll make it and chances are good that we’re already on it.

So what specifically do we offer for gun customization? Here is a rundown of our gun customization products:

Southern Viper Custom Pattern

Firearm Restoration Coatings

DuraCoat® and DuraBlue™ are obviously the big contenders for gun restoration but did you know that we also offer many other types of specialty firearm coatings that help restore and protect your firearms?

Let’s start with  DuraCoat® Clear. This clear gun coating was designed to be used either over DuraCoat® colors or as a stand-alone product. It can be used over bare metal, bluing, stainless, and pretty much anything else you might want to protect without changing the original appearance.

DuraFil™ Surface Filler is the solution to rust and pitted firearms. Once you get the rust off, just spray this on and sand smooth. Then topcoat with DuraCoat® or DuraBlue™ for a firearm that looks like new.

How about  DuraBake™ EnamelDuraHeat™ 2.0 High Temperature Coating, DuraClear™Sealant for Hydrographics, TruLube™ Surface Protectant? Ever hear of these finishes? How about the complete line of wood finishing products for gun stocks that we offer? We suggest you take some time to familiarize yourself with all of these so you know which product to buy when the need arises.

Additives, Additives, Additives

DuraCoat® just wouldn’t be DuraCoat® without the  additives. Of course there is Hardener, well you can’t very much have a two-part firearm finish without the part two. But there is also so many other additives that allow you to use DuraCoat® in so many other ways.

UV Hardener adds protection from the suns rays so that any item, not just guns, can look fantastic and resist fading. This is perfect for cars, atvs, motorcycles, mailboxes, you name it. Reducer can be used for thinning DuraCoat® but it is also the perfect solution for cleaning up your spray equipment to keep it functioning at its best. Retarder slows down the drying of DuraCoat® in cases of dry mist or blushing due to the weather. Flattening Agent dulls the sheen so you can go from matte to dead flat. DuraFlex is a flexible additive that allows you do coat items like atv fenders without the worry of cracking. Quicken will speed the cure time of DuraCoat® so you can get back in action sooner.

Well, we hope you’re not overwhelmed with all the options. Take time, investigate these products. Anything you can dream you can do with DuraCoat®. Just Ask!

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